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Brief introduction of various fountain
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  • A fountain is an artificially constructed plastic or natural spring pool to spray beautiful water poses for people to watch. The fountain is an important part of the garden. In addition to the modern garden, plant landscape, landscape fountain is also important, it is not only a kind of waterscape art, embodies the combination of dynamic and static, the formation of bright and lively atmosphere, to enjoy the beauty of the fountain; at the same time, also can increase the content of negative ions in the air, play a role in purifying air and increasing air humidity and to reduce the environmental temperature, so loved by the people. There are many kinds of fountain, which can be divided into the following.
    (1) the ordinary decorative fountain consists of a fixed fountain with various flower patterns.
    (2) the fountain and the sculpture, which combine with the sculpture, make up the landscape together.
    (3) water sculptures are created by artificial and mechanical portrays of various large water columns to form a landscape.
    (4) the self controlled fountain uses electronic technology to control water, light, sound and color according to the design procedure, and forms a strange and changeable landscape.
    (5) in addition to the above types other than other types, there are high fountain, dry fountain, music fountain, waterfalls, springs, run jump spring, floating fountain, fountain, fountain, music pieces move run spring, can also form a unique water by spray.
    The water supply forms of the fountain mainly include the direct current water supply, the circulating water supply of the pump and the circulating water supply of the submersible pump.
    The fountain nozzle is the main working part of the fountain art modeling. Its function is to form a spray of water with certain pressure and form a spray nozzle to form a beautiful spray and spray over the surface of the water. Different types of sprinkler combination can create a variety of landscape, exciting, exciting, and produce wonderful artistic effects. Many kinds of fountain nozzle, according to the different structure forms, can be divided into direct, rotating, water film, suction, atomization and other types; according to the flower spray water can be divided into dandelion, morning glory, glory, mushrooms, and seracs, tail and other types of spray nozzle.
    With the application of light, electricity, sound and automatic control devices on fountain, the emergence of music fountain, intermittent fountain and laser fountain has enriched the content of fountain and enriched people's dual sense of vision and hearing. The history of our country famous fountains such as Beijing Old Summer Palace heritage fountain group, such as modern temporary fountain in Tiananmen in Beijing on both sides of the Tiananmen square and National Day group are very majestic, won the praise of Chinese and foreign visitors, cheers.

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