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The type of fountain
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  • The music fountain: join a music control system based on computer control program of the fountain, through identification of audio and MIDI signals, decoding and encoding, finally outputs the signal to the control system, the change and the music fountain and light synchronizing changes so as to achieve the perfect combination of light and color of the fountain, and music the mood, the fountain show more vivid, more rich connotation. Programmable fountain: the design of control program is carried out according to pre-set arrangement and combination of all kinds of water patterns and lights. The control signal is sent out by computer operation control program, so that water and lighting can achieve varied and colorful changes. In addition, the fountain in the actual production can be divided into water fountain, dry fountain and indoor fountain and so on. There are several kinds of fountain projects:
    1, square fountain: the Plaza is a key cultural landscape of the city. The fountain matches with it. It sets the Grand View of the square. The greenbelt and the flowers, the pigeons and the splashing flowers show the romance of the city. The square fountain generally uses a variety of types of fountain combination to foil the grand and spectacular square.
    2, scenic attractions include: Fountain Park, road, street, building, river, river, lake, sea and other tourist attractions, many kinds of common fountain, in addition to the music fountain, as well as distinctive laminar fountain, running spring, dry spring, fountain, water curtain bullet laser fountain, water curtain film and all kinds of fun fountain, fountain, fountain clock, such as hop music fountain, fountain, fountain, maze game fountain of fire.
    3, dry spring: the fountain is placed in the ground, the surface is decorated with smooth and beautiful stone, which can be laid into various patterns and shapes. When the music sounded, the water flowed out of the underground. Under the illumination of the colored lantern, the ground was like colorful mirrors. It was very beautiful and beautiful. After stopping and spraying, it does not obstruct traffic and can be the usual pedestrians. It is very suitable for hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, buildings, street landscape and so on.
    4, running spring: especially suitable for a wide place such as river, river, lake, sea and square. The computer control of hundreds of water, with the melody of ultra high speed running, or instant avalanche, or the formation of euphemism undulating wave type, or other features, set off the attractions of the spectacular and vitality.
    5, indoor fountain: all kinds of fountain can be used. The control system is mostly program control or real-time sound control. Real time voice control is recommended for entertainment places, accompanied by beautiful melodies, synchronized with changes of dance and singing, and the perfect combination of water, sound, light and color.

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