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Waterscape fountain in China
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  • Advocating natural Chinese classical gardens, to elegant and peaceful, full of wild. The artistic reproduction of natural water state is paid attention to in the landscape water rationing. It is less applied to the fountain which is caused by the artificial water.
    Han Dian "records:" post shock River in Han Shanglin parkland, copper dragon spit water copper immortal Title cup by water down the facilities. "Jia Shitan recorded" records: "a white ENCRINITE Tang Daihua", the Qing Imperial Tang Chi from VAT mouth gush, injection on white lotus".
    Luoyang garden "of Dong Xiyuan in water springs from among the flowers. Some waterscape is preserved so far, such as the Huanglong water of Hangzhou Huanglong Cave, built in the Southern Song Dynasty Chun you years (1241-1252). In eighteenth Century, the Western fountain was introduced into China. In 1747 the Qing Emperor Qianlong in the western Old Summer Palace building "harmonic Trolltech" and "Palace" and "water law" the three fountain. "There are only ten copper dog palaces" of the central pool, mouth volley rapids, directed at the copper deer, called "dog competition". In the "Palace", wearing a robe Lohan "twelve zodiac" like, each animal can spray water for hours. This is the water lifting machinery -- longweiche torsional rotation rising artificial manipulation of water, the formation of high water, by mechanical control, every one hour (about two hours) by twelve in order to zodiac spray, at noon, twelve zodiac and water.

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