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Michael Nilles, CDO of the Schindler Group and Member of the Lufthansa supervisory board joined the IOTA Foundation

Dominik Schiener is keynote speaker at Computex Taiwan

Kevin Chen from the IOTA evangelist Network speaking at BCI Summit New York

Meetup: IOTA DC Users Group - Beyond The Blockchain in Arlington

David Sønstebø and Dominik Schiener on stage at Crypto Valley Conference in Zug


Meetup: IOTA DC Users Group - Beyond The Blockchain in Arlington

Dominik Schiener and Roman Semko speaking at the "daho.am" 2018 Tech conference


IOTA Testbild

This is just the placeholder for the mysteries project that seems to be in work for 4 years already according to the founders of IOTA. 

Theories go from Qubic to Cogniota, to an energy trading platform to a quantum network. 

CFB once said:
"24h after Q's announcement, IOTA will reach #3 on coinmarketcap.com"

We don't know whether this is true or not, but the community expects a big project behind Q that seems to have incredible potential

Dominik Schiener is speaking on the EmTech Europe 2018 in Toulouse

IOTA Testbild
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